An open challenge to America's Christian leaders

The Bible is the sacred text of the Christian faith. It is also one of the best known books on the planet today. According to the followers of Christianity, the Bible is the word of God.

Therefore, here is an open challenge to James Dobson, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, George W. Bush, Antonin Scalia and other prominent leaders in the Christian community:

    Appear with me on national TV to read the Bible.
It is that simple. This will be a tremendous opportunity for you to spread the power of God's word directly to the nation. The Bible is the book that contains the Ten Commandments, the revelation that Jesus is our resurrected savior and the story of our creation. This is God's holy word to his children. You will simply read aloud from this sacred text.

I ask only one thing: Allow me to choose the verses that you will read.

I will not interrupt you or provide any commentary during your reading, nor will you. We will simply allow God to speak for himself through his holy scriptures.


You will have the opportunity to read for 30 minutes from the New International Version or the New American Standard Version (your choice) of the Holy Bible.

I will choose approximately 30 verses for you to read. There will be a selection of verses from both the Old and the New Testaments. You will simply read the verses in an unabridged format, one after the other, allowing for commercial breaks as deemed necessary by the network.

That's it. This television appearance is that easy. We simply let God speak.


The problem with the Bible is simple. What God says in the Bible is, in many places, quite offensive to us. As soon as we read the offensive parts of the Bible in public, we all realize that the Bible has serious problems and should have no place in our society.

Here are several of the passages that illustrate the problem:

Whether you are a devout Christian or a casual Christian, consider these verses. Do you believe that a perfect, loving, all-knowing God wrote them? Do you support any of these verses and believe they should be applied to our society today?

If God exists and if he did "inspire" the Bible as Christians believe, then when we read the Bible outloud we are hearing our all-knowing God speak. Every Christian should jump at the chance to spread God's word on national television. The problem is that much of what God says when he speaks is repulsive to us. It makes us so uncomfortable that we cannot bear to read it publicly.

Why is the Bible like this? The purpose of this Web site is to help you explore this question.

See Section 2 for details on this challenge.

Why won't God heal amputees? See Section 1.

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